Will artificial intelligence replace programmers?

aiI won’t claim to be a prophet, but I’d like to share my perspective on a topic that is currently on many people’s minds. Some are genuinely concerned that they might lose their jobs in the near future due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

For example, text-based neural networks can potentially replace copywriters, while AI systems creating graphics could take over the role of designers. Even programmers might not be immune, as there are AI systems capable of generating code.

But is it really as dire as it seems?

Let’s consider a few factors. To create high-quality neural networks, highly skilled programmers are needed. These programmers earn quite well. Now, here’s a question to ponder:

Would programmers dig their own graves by creating AI that could replace them and diminish their income?

Okay, programmers might not sabotage themselves, but what about designers and copywriters? Well, if I need interior design for my apartment, I’d still turn to a human designer. I’m not overly concerned about whether they employ artificial intelligence or not.

The conclusion, as they say, is up to you. Personally, I currently see AI as an assistant rather than a threat. Why?

  1. Firstly, AI was initially created to assist humans, not as a doomsday Terminator.
  2. Secondly, the purpose of AI is, for now, to serve humans. Do you really think AI cares about pictures or diploma projects created with its help?
  3. Currently, AI algorithms are not sophisticated enough to contemplate their own existence or understand that humans exist beyond their code. Without this awareness, there’s no real threat. After all, you can’t threaten something you’re not aware of (unless you accidentally step on an ant in the grass).

Yes, everything continues to evolve, and it’s possible that someday a rogue programmer might envision a Terminator-like scenario. But that’s not happening tomorrow. In the end, we’ve been living with nuclear technology for nearly 80 years, and we’re still here. Perhaps we can coexist with AI as well.

However, there is a significant difference between AI and nuclear technology. Very few have access to nuclear technology, while almost everyone has access to neural networks (mostly as users).

Will artificial intelligence replace programmers?

So, for now, you can sleep soundly. We have some time. I believe it’s enough time to reconsider our stance on this issue and take action if the situation requires it.