What is bspwm?

Why are console code editors so popular?Bspwm, which stands for “Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager“, is an open-source tiling window manager for X11, the display server protocol used by Linux and other Unix-like systems. Bspwm is designed to provide an efficient and minimalistic window management experience, relying on binary space partitioning principles to organize and arrange windows on the screen.

Tiling Window Management

Bspwm follows the tiling window management paradigm. In a tiling window manager, windows do not overlap, and they are arranged in a non-overlapping grid. This approach optimizes screen space and allows for efficient multitasking.

Binary Space Partitioning

The “binary space partitioning” in bspwm’s name refers to the way it splits space to arrange windows. Instead of using fixed layouts, bspwm dynamically divides the available space into two regions horizontally or vertically. This binary partitioning is recursively applied to create a tree structure of splits, providing flexibility in organizing windows.

Dynamic Window Management

Bspwm provides dynamic window management, allowing users to change the layout and resize windows on the fly. This flexibility is beneficial for adapting to different workflows and screen sizes.

EWMH and XCB Integration

Bspwm uses the EWMH (Extended Window Manager Hints) specification for interoperability with other X11 applications. It is implemented using the XCB (X C Binding) library, which is a replacement for the older Xlib library.

Scriptable Configuration

Bspwm’s configuration is done through shell scripts, making it highly scriptable and customizable. Users can define key bindings, rules for window placement, and other settings using simple shell scripting.

External Programs for Additional Functionality

Bspwm follows the Unix philosophy of doing one thing well. Additional functionalities, such as panel integration and system notifications, are typically handled by external programs like polybar and dunst.

Focus on Performance

Bspwm is designed with performance in mind. Its lightweight and efficient design make it suitable for both older and modern hardware, providing a responsive user experience.

Community Support

What is bspwm?

Bspwm has an active and supportive community of users and contributors. Users often share their configurations and scripts, contributing to the customization and extensibility of the window manager.

Bspwm is well-suited for users who prefer a keyboard-driven, tiling window manager with a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility. Its binary space partitioning approach and dynamic window management make it an attractive choice for those who appreciate fine-grained control over their window layout.