Systematic and creative approach in programming

Systematic and creative approach in programmingWhen it comes to creating software and projects, developers often debate on the best way to work, especially in a team setting. There are two main approaches: the systematic approach and the creative approach.

Systematic Approach

The systematic approach involves breaking down large tasks into many smaller, easily solvable ones. These smaller tasks can be thought of as branches of a tree, and developers work through each task sequentially.

In practice, however, work doesn’t always proceed so smoothly. Developers are more like monkeys, jumping from branch to branch in search of the most interesting tasks. Sometimes, they hope that certain tasks will resolve themselves or that someone else will take care of them.

Creative Approach

The creative approach to development emphasizes freedom and flexibility in work. Developers have the freedom to implement their ideas and solve problems spontaneously, without rigid rules and barriers. This approach is especially valuable when dealing with non-standard tasks that don’t have ready-made solutions.

Occasionally, brilliant ideas emerge that cannot wait, and developers dive into implementing them, even if they are not top priorities for the project.

Systematic and creative approach in programming

If developers lack strict supervision, they often opt for the creative approach, working in a less systematic manner. This can lead to conflicts between the team and project management. Management typically adheres to a clear plan, and deviations from it can cause problems.

Sometimes, projects fail due to these differences in approaches. Developers may leave the project, leaving only those who conform to the system, but who may not be capable of handling non-standard tasks.

In conclusion:

  • The systematic approach is beneficial but may not suit managing creative individuals.
  • The systematic approach is suitable for solving standard tasks and in teams where developers can be quickly replaced.
  • The creative approach is essential for tackling non-standard tasks that the team hasn’t encountered before.
  • Finding a way to make systematic and creative approaches work together to create a powerful team is a complex challenge that requires special attention.