How to program without feeling guilty?

How to program without feeling guilty?This article emerged after a dispute with a fellow programmer who claimed that I don’t adhere to modern standards because I don’t use GitHub.

People tend to defend what they’re used to, believing that their methods are the best, and those who do things differently are ignorant and resistant to progress.

Why don’t I use GitHub?

Perhaps I should consider learning GitHub, but every programmer is unique. Not all of us work in large companies. Many of us work in IT departments of regular companies where GitHub may not be necessary.

There are also programmers like me. I am a freelancer, assisting people in developing desktop applications. Many of my tasks are temporary and don’t require version control. Having a version control system is not always necessary in such cases.

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Furthermore, programming is not always my primary job. I will leave freelancing when I find another source of income.

As for GitHub, it has its advantages, but I don’t see practical benefits for myself at the moment. Claims that GitHub increases development speed by 55% seem dubious to me, especially concerning my tasks.

Various innovations in the world of programming are interesting, but I’ve learned that it’s best to invest resources only in what quickly pays off or is genuinely necessary.

My opinion on this matter

I prefer traditional programming methods and don’t feel guilty about it. The most important thing is to achieve a good result. It doesn’t matter which technologies are used.

I’ll provide a simple example. For instance, I dig my garden with a shovel even though I could use a tractor or a tiller. However, a shovel suits me for a few garden beds, and I have the opportunity to work in the fresh air.

In the end, what matters is that the chosen technologies deliver the desired results, even if they aren’t the most modern.